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AirekaCells is a leading supplier of quartz cuvettes or a spectrophotometer. At AirekaCells, we outperformed the competition and beat the standard. You can trust our supplies to feature the best and most qualitative quartz and glass. You can trust us to be your most reliable supplier of quartz cuvettes, syringe filters, quartz plates, and a host of other laboratory consumables.

Here, our watchword is consistency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Our quality is top-notch and cannot be beaten to second. We also offer timely shipment of our products to our customers, which do not only better the prestige of the company, but also saves our customers the cost of returning parts, and also reduces the rate at which they stock inventory. 


Our Clients

Serving over 5,000 customers across the globe of over 30 countries, including universities, hospitals, and research institutes, our precision, and dedication to quality has allowed us to serve large, world-class instrument manufacturers with high caliber optical components for over two decades.

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Quartz Cuvette

Spectrophotometer Cuvette

UV-vis Spectrophotometer Quartz Cuvettes, 2 Windows Polished

  • High-Performance >83%
  • Path Lengths 0.1 to 100mm
  • High Parallelism  ±0.05mm
  • Surface Flatness 0.01mm

Fluorescence Cuvette

Fluorometer/ Fluorescence Quartz Cuvettes, 4 Windows Polished

  • High-Performance >83%
  • Transmission 190nm-2500nm
  • Pair Variation of <0.1% 
  • High-Temperature Stability

Flow-Through Cuvette

Narrow channel cells for microscope-based spectroscopic analyses. 

The Flow cells are used to allow the sample to pass through the cell and they are connected to the sample source via tubing. 

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