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Our Cuvettes(Cells) are manufactured from various types of glass. The most important criterion for the choice of a particular type of glass is the spectral range for which the cuvette is intended.


Types of Cuvette Available


At Aireka Cells we supply both standard glass cuvettes and UV cuvettes for spectrophotometers and fluorometers. As standard our Spectrophotometer cuvettes and cells have two windows polished and fluorometer cuvettes have all four walls and the base polished. All of our cuvettes also come with a range of lids and stoppers including PTFE lids and Teflon stoppers.


All of these cuvettes are available made with 3 different materials.


  • Optical Glass Cuvettes


These cuvettes are made from Optical Glass which is suitable for transmission wavelengths from 340nm to 2,500nm and are available in a range of path lengths.


  • ES Quartz Cuvettes


ES quartz cuvettes for UV light are suitable for transmission wavelengths from 190nm to 2,500nm and are also available in a range of path lengths.


  • IR Quartz Cuvettes


IR quartz cuvettes are suitable for wavelengths from 250nm to 3,500nm and have a matching tolerance of 1% at 2,730nm.